BASS – Association

Bonn Americanist Collection and Studies

The association BASS (Bonner Altamerika-Sammlung und Studien e. V., Bonn Americanist Collection and Studies) seeks to broaden the knowledge in the Anthropology of the Americas and to make it known to an interested public.

The association’s goals are to promote the scientific and cultural work of the BASA Museum (Bonn Collection of the Americas) and to continue publishing the BAS series (Bonner Amerikanistische Studien, Bonn Americanist Studies).

As the BASA Museum’s support association, BASS helps preserve, research, and communicate to the public its diverse collections of objects from pre-Columbian and contemporary indigenous societies of the Americas. BASS seeks to stimulate interest in non-European art and culture, particularly from the Americas.

By editing publications in the field of Anthropology of the Americas and by promoting scholarly works, research projects, and conferences, BASS aims to make a lasting contribution to the visibility of the discipline of Anthropology of the Americas.

BASS was founded in 2016 as the support association for the BASA Museum (Bonn Collection of the Americas). It is also the successor association to Bonner Amerikanistische Studien (BAS, Bonn Americanist Studies).

The association welcomes new members who wish to be friends and supporters of the Anthropology of the Americas in Bonn.